A little about The Squirrley Nut

Hello my squirrley friends, my name is Colleen, I am the owner & creator of the Squirrley Nut. This small business was inspired by my children. One day my eldest son stood up in class and yelled "SQUIRREL" because he was bored. And since then he continues to be a squirrley nut well into adulthood. And my youngest was always an 'angel' until we realized he was the one creating the squirrley nut's chaos (AKA my eldest son). Although they are both now adults, they are still crazy wild kids in my eyes!

As both my children (despite the chaos) are both very bright, high spirited, cheerful and imaginative. They constantly surprise me! This is what my brand is about. Sticking to the brightness, positivity and being creative. And of course having fun while doing it.


Love all my items from The Squirrely Nut. The sweater I purchased is soft and comfy! Several compliments on it as well. The glass cup is definitely my new favorite. Can't wait for the candles - my next purchase!


I have bought many clothing items! The quality is amazing , it washes so nice, and looks brand new every time , I love all pieces I have bought ,my next on list is candle because they smell amazing as well as new cup ! I highly recommend checking out the store and ordering from Colleen you won’t be disappointed! ☺️


Ordered a custom crew and cup from the Squirrley Nut and they both turned out
BOO-tiful!! 👻❤️👻 I’m so obsessed 😍Thank you Colleen so much they are exactly what I wanted!! I highly recommend visiting the site and ordering yours today!


Colleen is a very talented lady, I messaged her and told her I was in need of a gift for daughter birthday as I was stuck what to get her and she made this beautiful country cup and a black over night bag with with a great country saying, my daughter loved it
Colleen had it made and delivered in a few days. Will definitely be getting more things from the squirrley nut

Thank you so much Colleen